Vietnam War App for iPad

A very comprehensive app on the Vietnam War just for the iPad. Brings action from the Vietnam War right on your screen. Vietnam War Interactive gives you a complete interactive experience with photos, videos, timelines, articles, etc.

Read about the major battles and events of Vietnam War in detail. Swipe through the detailed interactive timeline from 1858-1976. Watch video clips from the battlefield. See rare photographs.

Highlights & Screenshots

Swipe left or right to browse the entire timeline from 1858-1976. Tap on events to open pop-up articles, photos or videos.
Era-wise Events
Major events of the Vietnam War are covered with bigger articles and more photographcs.
Battles & Events
All major battles are covered.
Various popup articles open from different places in the app.
Photo Features
A photo gallery with four different themes.
21 rare video clips from the Vietnam War taking you right into the heart of action.

Video Demo


  • Ideal for anyone above age 12: students, adults and history enthusiasts alike.
  • Gives you a complete overview of the Vietnam War without overloading you with unnecessary information.
  • Very easy to navigate, use, read and understand.
  • A complete experience with with pictures, videos and sounds.
  • 21 video clips depicting action from the battlefield and elsewhere.
  • Over 400+ photographs with an exclusive Photo Features section featuring air power, naval warfare, war protests and the battlefield.

Topics Covered

The App is divided into 6 periods: Events leading to the war, the Diem era (1955-1963), the Johnson years, Escalation of war, Nixon years and America's exit. All the major battles and events are summarized in detail. The important leaders, small events/battles, etc. have been covered.

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