Abraham Lincoln App for the iPad

A complete interactive biography of Abraham Lincoln, packed with rare photographs, original documents, paintings, audios, etc. Made just for the iPad. Get inspired by one of the greatest American Presidents. Immerse in the life story of Lincoln from his birth to his assassination in 1865.

Read about the various incidents, important people and events in his life. Know more about the Civil War and how Lincoln saved the Union, freed the slaves and redefined American History. Be a witness to the most important events of the 19th Century in America.

  • This is a great way to learn all there is to know about Lincoln in an engaging and fun way.
    - Tonya Medeiros at AppPicker.com, Read their complete review.

Highlights & Screenshots

Over 100 pages with accompanying (over 210) photographs in 14 chapters.
Read original documents in Lincoln's own handwriting like the Gettysburg Address and others.
People & Events
Read about important people and events in Lincoln's life. These open in popup windows from the biography.
Zoom in to see photographs, paintings, caricatures and documents in fine detail.
Jump from one chapter to another in a jiffy.
Listen to studio recordings of some famous speeches like the Second inaugural address, Gettysburg address, etc.

Video Demo

Prominent Features

  • Easy to navigate, interactive interface. Images and articles open on tapping.
  • Zoom in to see rare photographs, documents or paintings in detail.
  • 14 chapters (3 free, remaining 11 are available via a single in-app purchase)
  • Over 250+ photographs, rare documents, paintings, etc.
  • Read the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg address, the Thanksgiving Proclamation, letters, etc. in Lincoln's own handwriting.
  • Audios of famous Lincoln speeches.
  • A photo gallery of rare photographs.
  • A slideshow of quotes by Lincoln.
  • Over 25,000 words of reading in over 100 pages and 50+ popup articles.
  • An audio-video summary of Lincoln's life.

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