Mahatma Gandhi Interactive Biography App for the iPad

Get inspired by Gandhi, one of the greatest men ever born! A complete interactive biography of Mahatma Gandhi, packed with rare photographs and videos. Made just for the iPad. This is Gandhi's life story from his birth to his assassination in 1948.

Know more about the Indian Independence Movement and how Gandhi led from the front and redefined World History by freeing India with his policy of non-violence. Read about the various incidents, important people and events in his life. Read about the man of peace - Gandhi, who inspired Martin Luther King Jr, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, etc.

  • If you want to learn about the life of Gandhi, then this is the only app book you'll ever need to enrich your soul by immersing yourself in a Gandhi's life story, someone who is full of kindness and love. Mahatma Gandhi Interactive Biography is a joy to read.
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  • An earnest survey of the life and thoughts of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known to the world as Mahatma.
    - Kirkus Reviews, read their review

Highlights & Screenshots

Over 80 pages with accompanying photographs in 13 chapters.
People & Events
Read about important people and events in Gandhi's life. These open on tapping from the biography.
Zoom in to see photographs in detail. Over 320 photos in the app.
Jump from one chapter to another in a jiffy.
View over 14 rare videos from some famous moments in Gandhi's life.
Picture Gallery:
View rare photos from the picture gallery.

Prominent Features

  • Easy to navigate and interactive interface. Images and articles open on tapping.
  • Zoom in to see rare photographs in detail.
  • 13 chapters
  • Over 200+ photographs
  • Over 14 Rare videos including the famous Salt March.
  • A photo gallery of rare photographs.
  • A slideshow of quotes by Gandhi
  • Over 18,000 words of reading in over 80 pages and 37+ popup articles.
  • An audio-video summary of Gandhi's life.

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