Cold War Interactive Timeline App for iPad

A very extensive and detailed app on the Cold War. The app covers everything about the Cold War, from the Yalta Conference in 1945 to the Dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. This app takes to you through the Cold War, with the help of images, videos and detailed articles on various events that occurred during the War. Swipe through the all-inclusive interactive timeline from 1945-1991.

Highlights & Screenshots

Extensive Timeline
Swipe left or right to browse the entire timeline from 1945-1991. Tap on events to open pop-up articles, photos or videos.
Major Events
All of the major events that happened during the Cold War are highlighted and written in a detailed manner.
Articles on major leaders, battles and wars, etc. are all there
11 videos clips are available and can be played from the timeline.
Pictures or articles popup from the timeline on tapping.


  • Better than reading a book
  • Ideal for anyone above age 12: students, adults and history enthusiasts alike
  • Gives a complete summary of the Cold War
  • Very easy to use, read and understand
  • More than 300+ images to help understand the Cold War better

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